Sealex Sx-900 Timber Floor


Sealex Sx-900 is a high performance solvent-less adhesive based on Polymer Hybrid technology. Sx-900 adhesive is a certified product for green building application under LEED 2004 (Section 4.1) and SCAQMD rule 1168 for low VOC making it a very safe product for human and the environment. Being flexible indefinitely Sx-900 is not rigid providing cushioning to the flooring material and allowing movement so that flooring will break or delaminate from substrate.


• Timber and laminated flooring • Skirting
• Floor tiles

Technical Specification

– Basic Material Modified Silicone Polymer
– Color White
– Odor Odorless
– Specific Gravity 1.58
– Tack Free Time 15-20 mins
– Cure Depth 3 mm/24hr
– Application Temperature 5oC to 45oC
– Service Temperature Range -30oC to 90oC
– Tensile Strength 1.6Mpa
– Hardness 25-40 Shore A
– Movement Capability +-25%