FIX-IT self-drilling fasteners are manufactured in accordance to the international standard AS3566 requirements including the design, physical properties and corrosive resistance requirements for the fastening of non-ferrous metals, tiles, cement sheets, window frames, thin metal sheets, board, and etc


Roof structure equipment such as Self-drilling fastener for AC sheet, Aluminum foil heat reflect, Drytech system, High performance ceiling batten.


High performance sealant for construction. Manufactured by Japan technology, including: MS-Hybrid, High performance silicone sealant, Acrylic sealant


Whilst it is recognised that there were other FRP Sheet manufacturers, it became obvious to our company that only Alsynite NZ Could demonstrate superior and advanced FRP technology, quality expertise and gobal Topglass Brand Strength, ultimately meeting our quality-focussed objectives.

MINIGOLDHome Translucent Roof Sheet

Translucent roof sheet for building renovation, residential house, suitable for awning work. Added to increase usable space Building work in front of the shop, garage, areas that need light fiberglass translucent sheet Produced with the same production technology used in the production of translucent sheets. for industrial plants and shopping malls This results in a high quality translucent sheet that is strong, durable, and has a long service life. Resistant to all weather conditions, both sun and rain, with good light distribution Evenly distributed lighting range


Auto paint and body repair products with products in the group for the pro group car paint polish and car body paint repair equipment There are also products for car paint care and car care. Comac Wow covers both exterior and interior care. Emphasis on convenient use, can do it yourself, it doesn’t take long and gives shine like a new car every day