FIX-IT Self drilling screw of metal sheet roof manufactured in accordance to the international standard AS3566. This is the standard production screw. Used for steel roofs that are recognized around the world. Which will determine the size of the screws, the drill head, the pitch, screw degrees, corrosion resistance in environmental applications. And suitable for use with steel metal roof

FIX-IT made from AISI 1022% C low carbon steel grade 0.18-0.23 through a hydrogen-impregnated dip-impregnation into the steel, then form a hydried compound, which causes the brittle screws to crack easily. FIX-IT has a hardness value of less than 500 on the outside and Vickers Hardness on the screw core is no more than 400.

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Good Drill Point Work Easier

With the sharpness of the drill. Mixture of steel Quality hardening Make every job with thick steel work easier and less stressful. reduce time to work, Increase productivity.

Rust prevention is more than standard

AS3566 has determined that the screws to pass the required level must comply with all three of the clauses, which FIX-IT screws can made all the requirements, not just one

Perfect Color Matching

Coloring on screw heads is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also extends the life of the screws. With the process of using quality paint, the color does not crack when applied.

TrueBlue EPDM Dekseal

Leakage protection must last as long as the age of the FIX-IT screws. We use high quality seals from DEKS TRUE BLUE, which is a special rubber seal that is compatible with our screws.


1. Salt Spray Test in accordance with AS2331.3.1 – 1,000 hrs (less than 5% red rust)
2. Kesternich Test in accordance with DIN 50018 – 15 cycles (less than 5% red rust)
3. Humidity Test 100% Humidity in accordance with ASTM D2247 – 1,000 hrs (no cracking,  flaking and peeling)
4. Ultraviolet Test in accordance with ASTM G154 – 2,000 hrs (less than 5% red rust)

Salt Sprey Test


Drilling Machine

The Salt Sprey Test for at least 500 hours complies with the AS2331.3.1 of Fix-Green

EPDM Dekseal TrueBlue

EPDM rubber seal is not a conductor of electricity. Seal is exceeds AS3566 Standard. It is made of high quality synthetic rubber. Electrical insulation Extremely stable against UV radiation and weather.

  • Electrical resistivity
  • Synthetic rubber Dekseal (EPDM)
  • Seal exceeds AS 3566 standard requirement
  • Tear-resistant at high temperatures.
  • UV resistance And ozone in the atmosphere
  • Guaranteed by EPDM (blue bar)

Seal rubber seal is close and rust free.

flexible and heat-resistant properties Not rusty,

Metal seal ring is more rusty.

The steel ring is not rustproof, as long as the screws are rusted and the roof is damaged.