Sealex Sx-888 Crystal Clear Anti-fungus


Sealex Sx-888 Crystal Clear Anti-Fungus is a highly transparent high performance sealant and adhesive based on Polymer Hybrid technology. Sealed Sx-888 Crystal Clear Anti-Fungus is compatible to most construction substrates and is ideal for sealing and bonding where an invisible joint or bond is required.


• Architectural sealant suitable for interior
• Transparent joints excellent between frame-less glass panel can be applied to most substrates
• Bonding of fittings
• Decorative non-structural application
• Anti-fungus property suitable to apply in kitchen and bathroom

Technical Specification

– Type Single Component
– Skin formation (27oC) 5-10 minute
– Cure Depth 2 mm/24hr (27oC, 50%RH)
– Application Temperature 5oC to 40oC
– Service Temperature Range -40oC to 70oC
– Stress at 100% Elongation 0.9Mpa
– Tensile Strength 1.8Mpa
– Elongation To Break 300%
– Hardness 30+5 Shore A
– Density 1.0 g/ml