Sealex Sx-111 General Propose  Sealant


Sealex Sx-111MS is a one-part elastomeric polymer that combines the strengths and advantages of silicone and polyurethane sealants resulting in performances exceeding the two sealants.

Sealex Sx-111MS is a high performance highly elastic general purpose gap filler and joint sealant suitable for concrete GRC and gypsum wall joints, decorative, kitchen, furniture . . . . etc

Sealex Sx-111MS will remain elastic throughout its life and will not crack, swell, bubble nor shrink and is environmentally friendly exceeding LEED low VOC requirement and deemed a green product. Hybrid technology also result in

Sealex Sx-111MS to have excellent resistance to weathering including ozone freeze-thaw conditions and airborne chemicals.


 Precast Concrete Walls • Expansion joint
• Stone & metal facade • Door window frame
• Kitchen and sanitary • Ducting
• Timber floor and skirting • Floor & Wall Tile

Technical Specification

– Basic Material Modified Hybrid Polymer
– Color White, Grey
– Odor Odorless
– Specific Gravity 1.58
– Cure Depth  3 mm/24hr (23oC, 50%RH)
– Application Temperature  5oC to 40oC
– Service Temperature Range -30oC to 90oC
– Tensile Strength  1.6Mpa
– Elongation To Break  300-400%
– Movement Capability  +-25%
– Hardness  25-40 Shore A
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