Technical specifications

Features and Benefits

• Ultimate Surface Protection by UVIC* 50% increase in coating thickness

• Ultimate UV Absorber by UVAS’ new generation nano ultra-violet absorber

• Ultimate light transmission and delay in colour change


• Roof and wall lighting for commercial and industrial buildings.
• requiring long term natural lighting without early surface degradation.
• Educational facilities (Schools, Universities, Polytechnics) and childcare centers.
• Public outdoor areas requiring good UV protection.

Surface Coatings

100 micron* EXO-SET 205 Premium Gelcoat weather surface used in the manufacture of Topglass® GC gives very good protection against solar deterioration. The reverse side of the sheeting is protected with a 30 micron UV stabilised Polyester film. Where corrosive atmospheres exist which affect the underside of the sheeting

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Translucent Roofing

Manufacturing Process

CHP technology Cumean Hydro Peroxide Activater.


AS/NZS 4256.3:2006 ID:4115 (Australian/New Zealand Standard) And TIS.612-2549 (TISI Thailand Standards).


Topglass® GC is supported by a water penetration 25 years warranty and a 20 years light transmission and 6 years non fiber show warranty. For written
project warranties, contact Inno-Cons (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Visible Light and Solar Transmission

Weight Color
Ultra White Opal Ultra White Opal
Light Solar Light Solar Light Solar Light Solar
(1.5 mm.)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


I-Cons Asia Co., Ltd. takes particular pride its JAS-ANZ Certification under the Benchmark Certification scheme. Recognised in over 90 countries and providing security in every respect to customers, JAS-ANZ certification not only guarantees accurate systems process, and unlike other Quality Standard schemes,
JAS-ANZ Certification also has the added advantage of ensuring our customers always receive consistent and monitored quality product, legally certified to AS/NZS 4256. Part 1 and 3.

Being a manufacturer in the Kingdom of Thailand, I-Cons Asia Co., Ltd. is also a certified manufacturer of FRP by the Thailand industrial Standard certification body obtaining the TIS 612-2549(2006) for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Sheets. Like the JAS-ANZ certification this also unsure that all products have tractability all the way from each raw material through each step of process to finished goods.