Sealex Sx-110 Flowable Small Gap Joint (1 mm. Up) Interior


Sealex Sx-110 is a flowable sealant specially formulated for very small gap starting from 1 mm. The high flow property results in sealant penetration of at least 3 mm depth into the gap providing a long-lasting waterproof joint that will not chip off due to low sealant penetration. Base on Polymer Hybrid technology, Sealex Sx-110 is highly flexible, paintable and a low VOC sealant suitable for Green Building and construction.


• All small gaps from 1 mm • Furnitures
• Concrete cracks not smaller than 1 mm • Panels
• Skirtings • Sanitary
• Kitchen fittings • Tiles
• Flooring joints

Technical Specification

– Basic Material Hybrid Polymer
– Color Basic / Light Grey
– Odor Odorless
– Specific Gravity 1.59
– Viscosity 400 Pa•s (10rpm, at 23o)
– Tack Free Time 20 mins (23oC, 50%RH)
– Cure Depth 4 mm/24hr (23oC, 50%RH)
– Application Temperature 5oC to 40oC
– Service Temperature Range -30oC to 90oC
– Stress at 100% Elongation 0.8Mpa
– Tensile Strength 1.8Mpa
– Elongation To Break 500%
– Shelf Life 12 months
– Movement Capability +-25%
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