Sealex Sx-100MS-AF Adhesive & Sealant Anti-Fungus

Sealex Sx-100MS-AF is an Anti-Fungus high performance sealant and adhesive based on MS Polymer Hybrid technology. Having Anti-Fun- gus properties, Sx-100MS-AF is an excellent sealant for sanitary, kitchen, food preparation and other humid environment applications. Like all other Sealex MS range of products Sx-100MS-AF displays high UV and weather resistance, non-stain, low dirt pick-up, non-bubble, non-swell, non-shrink, paintable and low-VOC.

Sx-100MS-AF Anit-Fungus sealant is a certified anti-fungus product conforming to ISO 846:1997 Level 5 “Evaluation of the action of microor- ganisms on plastics” achieving Level 5 heavy growth test.


• Cold Room Panel • Shower area
• Kitchen and sanitary • Expansion joint
• Stone & metal facade • Door window frame
• Precast Concrete Walls • Ducting
• Timber floor and skirting • Floor & Wall Tile

Technical Specification

– Basic Material Modified Hybrid Polymer
– Color White
– Odor Odorless
– Specific Gravity 1.59
– Viscosity 400 Pa•s (10rpm, at 23o)
– Tack Free Time 20 mins (23oC, 50%RH)
– Cure Depth 4 mm/24hr (23oC, 50%RH)
– Application Temperature 5oC to 40oC
– Service Temperature Range -30oC to 90oC
– Stress at 100% Elongation 0.8Mpa
– Tensile Strength 1.8Mpa
– Elongation To Break 500%
– Shelf Life 12 months
– Movement Capability +-25%
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