FIX-Green self-drilling fasteners

    FIX-Green self-drilling fasteners are manufactured in accordance to the international standard AS3566 requirements including the design, physical properties and corrosive resistance requirements for the fastening of non-ferrous metals, tiles, cement sheets, window frames, thin metal sheets, board, and etc.
     FIX-Green offers the widest range of self-drilling fasteners in Asia from Class-2 corrosion resistance requirement and from the smallest 5 gauge (3.2mm) to 16 gauge (6.8mm) in diameter and from the shortest 10mm to 175mm long fasteners.


Fix-Green Screw Feature

Screw Head

– Push metal sheet up to prevent leakage 
– Keep position of metal sheet when lead is apply

Sabre Point

– Patented SABRE drilling point is the most reliable and fastest drilling piont capable of up to 6 mm thick steel 
– Sharp point specially design for timberapplication

Shank Protection

– Prevent vibration 
– Prevent over tightening

TrueBlue EPDM Dekseal

– Non-conductive EPDM seal exceeds AS 3566 standard requirement 
– Prevents electro-galranic conrosion compare to conductive EPDM 
– High elastic high rength and high anti-UV to last the litetime of the foof

AS 3566 Class 2 Regulation


1. Salt Spray Test in accordance with AS2331.3.1 – 240 hrs (less than 5% red rust)

2. Kestermich Test in accordance with DIN 50018 – 5 cycles (less than 5% red rust)

Climatex-500 Corrosion Protection Coating System

Heat Treatment
Controlled heat treatment process release hydrogen preventing hydrogen embrittlement. Also well controlled hardness on both surface and core of fastener prevents all matallurical defects.

Mechanical Sacrificial
Coat Minimum % zinc not less than 98% with minimum coat 8 micron thickness that conforms to AS3566 class 2

Polymer Barrier Coat
Polymer resin coat forms a high performance barrier against humidity, oxidation, heat chemical and scratches

Warranty 5 Years

Characterised by fall-out from adjoining severe industrial environments or where small industries lead to signif icant industrial fall-out. Generally includes other service buildings located near heavy industrial plants, including out-buildings of the plant itself.