Inno-Cons together with her associate companies
have a 12 years history of developing, manufacturing
and marketing construction fastening products.
and we relentlessly pursue perfection in providing the
most innovative services and products with
uncompromising quality to our customers in the
construction industry. Our commitment in these areas
is backed by our ever increasing investments into
training, research and development, new machineries
and testing equipment that meet international standards.

In the most concrete demonstration of our core value to innovate we had produced
many firsts in the field of construction fastening like new products to fasten non-ferrous
metals, tiles, cement sheets, window frames, thin metal sheets, boards etc. This led us to
provide our customers with one of the widest range of products available in the market
and also cause us to constantly upgrade our production equipment resulting in our production
facility being one of the newest. Another result of thisinnovation is providing our customers with
fastening solutions for any situation from ISO Class-1 to the most severe ISO Class-5 environment.